The results are in for the monthly meetup

The online poll was very interesting, and determined when our monthly meetings will take place — the first THURSDAY of the month, 7-9 pm.    Our next meeting will be Thursday, August 3, 7-9 PM at the Cultivate Coffee and Taphouse, 307 N. River Street (next to Photo St!), Ypsilanti.  

Bring you newest project, your latest camera find, your photos of summer, and of course, a sense of humor, as we gather for the first time at our new spot and day of the week. Let’s make plans for future events, so bring your thinking caps.  I am posting images from the poll to show how the voting went.


It looks like a lot of you are interested in exhibiting, so let’s plan on what type of exhibit we would like to have in the next 6 months.


The JULY MEETING is JULY 10 (SECOND MONDAY) at Mark’s house, 2104 Needham. 7-9 pm. Bring your favorite beverage and a snack if you wish. See you then.  They have a lovely garden and places to sit, so maybe think about portraiture using your film camera.



We will meet at the Corner Brewery on Norris Street in Ypsilanti at 7 pm on Monday, June 5th.  It will be a good time for a photowalk to Depot Town from the CB, so we will start there, and return for beer and conversation in the outdoor courtyard.

See you there!

May 1 Meetup

We will meet in Plymouth, MI on Monday May 1 at 7 pm for our monthly gathering. Plan on assembling at Kellogg Fountain in the town square. From there, we will do a photowalk and then gather at a place for some eating and drinking afterwards.   Bring your tripods! It is also International Commie Camera Day, so bring your FSU (Former Soviet Union)-made camera to shoot with.  See you there!



It’s Polaroid week!

Around the world, people are shooting their Polaroid and other “instant film” cameras.  SX-70, polaroid 600, Land Cameras, and Instax.  It’s all good.

Don’t forget folks, it’s Polaroid week! April 16-22. Shoot ’em if ya got ’em!


April 3rd Meeting

Our April Meeting will take place on Monday, April 3, 7-9 pm at Pizza House in Ann Arbor.  We’ll discuss upcoming events, summer plans, World Pinhole Day, etc.

Also, new film discussion, what’s your latest “new” camera, and other useful information, as always.


Want to know how to “shoot sprockets”?  You don’t need a Lomo Sprocket Rocket.  Learn how to load 35mm film into medium format cameras, such as the Holga, or Brownie cameras.



January 2 Meeting

First meeting of 2017

Our meeting will be held January 2, 2017 at Pizza House, on Church Street in Ann Arbor.  Start time is 7 pm, and meeting ends at 9 pm.  Bring your latest photographic items to show off!  If you had prints in the Homage to the Holga show, you can pick them up at the meeting, or contact Mark O’Brien to arrange a pickup at his house.

We will also be discussing the Post Card Exchange, ideas for upcoming shows and meetups, and other items as they arise.

If you have yet to attend a meeting, you are missing one of the most fun aspects of our group – sharing ideas, knowledge, and images.

See you Monday!


Bill Bresler at Matthaei Botanical Gardens, A3C3 trip, 2016.


Heather Gardner, A3C3 trip to Matthaei, 2016


Patti Smith at Matthaei, A3C3 trip, 2016