October 5th meeting venue changed!

The October 5th A3C3 meeting will be held at Mark O’Brien’s house, 2104 Needham Road in Ann Arbor.  Start time is 7 pm. We’ll be having pizza, and members can bring their beverage of choice.   This is a great time to bring your recent work, new cameras, projects, etc.

We can also discuss openings for board positions that will be voted on in December.

Ashlee will be telling us about her exciting new venture in a photo business, and it should be a fun evening for film lovers.

Last Call for the FPP Ann Arbor PhotoWalk

Goodies are arriving for the Film Photography Project’s Ann Arbor Photo Walk, which will be held on Saturday October 3, starting at 9 am.  If you plan on attending, registration is free, and you’ll get all sorts of goodies.  Email Leslie (imaginethat@ameritech.net) by Sept. 28 to be included. We are at at least 55 registrants, some coming from as far away as the west coast.


Pick a camera…

…and shoot only with it for a few weeks.  As an example, Mark O’Brien has been shooting primarily with an Olympus Trip 35 for the past month.  The more one uses the same camera, the better the results, since you get more comfortable with it — more attuned to its quirks, and aware of its possibilities.


The Trip 35 is a fairly compact camera, and needs no batteries.  The auto-exposure is controlled by a ring of selenium cells around the lens.  ISO speeds go from 25 to 400.  Four distance settings.  Two shutter speeds 1/40 sec and 1/200 (camera controlled).    Jim Grey has a nice review up, and is one of many on this amazing camera that has a deserved cult following.

img800 img808

Help needed!

cameraOkay A3C3ers… Please make sure that you register with Leslie Lazenby Hunsberger​ (imaginethat@ameritech.net) if you plan on participating in the FPP AA Photo Walk on Saturday, October 3rd. This way, you get a lanyard with your name, and a bag of goodies. Also, if I can get 2 other people to help lead the photowalk groups around downtown AA, that would be fantastic. We have folks coming from as far away as Vancouver who are enthusiastic about film, so let’s give them a good welcome to our town!

Black Hole Flash and Film Fun

img512 At Tuesday’s A3C3 meeting, we were treated to a donation of film from John Campbell, a local photographer  that has gone completely digital.  Bill Bresler opened the box, and a cornucopia of film fell out – 4×5, 35mm, and 120.  That’s the beauty of attending an A3C3 meeting — you never know what goodies you’ll come with, or who you will meet.   Bill got out his 4×5 Crown Graphic and shot some photos on Polaroid 4×5 sheets.  I just happened to have the shutter open on my Polaroid 350 when Bill’s flash went off.   The resulting image above features something I have never seen before on a Polaroid, and never before with a flash.  It’s an example of overexposure solarization, and we most often see it associated with images of the sun.  In this instance, everything came together at the right fraction of a second for a unique image.