A3C3-Kalamazoo Meetup

Kazoo image

Come and join us as we meet up with Joshua Harrison and his band of Kalamazoo film shooters. We’ll get to see the new Impossible Project’s I-1 camera in action, do some street photography around town, find a place for a cold brew and food, and generally immerse ourselves in photography talk. Kalamazoo is a cool place and certainly it will be a good idea to bring your Holga, toy cameras, Polaroids, and anything that uses film.

We will meet in Bronson Park which is located close to the center of downtown. Lots of photographic opportunities are in the area, and we will have time to explore the downtown. Rain or shine, we’ll be fine.


You may know Josh by his Flickr name, https://www.flickr.com/photos/harrisonmadephotography/