The Annual Argus Gathering In Ann Arbor

Press Release – 2016 ACG/Argus Museum Conference

Have you _DSC8935heard – the Argus Museum is again hosting the  ACG/Argus Museum Conference? It’s fast approaching! The conference is casual, the participants are enthusiastic and welcoming and the presentations given are interesting,  informative and well-done. Additionally, this year’s field trips, in particular, offer rare opportunities. The 2016 conference is being held October 13-16. It opens on Thursday evening with the photography exhibition “Homage to the Holga” showcasing work by the Ann Arbor Area Crappy Camera Club (A3C3). According to the group: “The A3C3’s ethos has always been about ‘crappy’ cameras, and while the Holga is no longer being  manufactured, it remains the standard·bearer for crappy cameras.”

Friday’s schedule includes special viewing hours for the Washtenaw County Historical Society’s Museum on Main Street exhibit, “Community Helpers”; the project was researched and designed by area grade school children. This is followed by a tour of the Clements Library, which houses original resources for the study of American history and culture from the fifteen through the nineteenth century and is normally opened only by appointment to serious researchers. Dinner is being held at the Argus Museum and generously donated by Argus Collectors Group (ACG) members, After dinner, enjoy the presentation, “Argus in the 1950s” given by ACG member, Bob Kelly. We will look at key players, innovations and marketing, significant products, transition points, merger impacts and the situation as Argus completed 25 years in business in June of 1961.

A display titled, “Whatever happened to Gustave Fassin?” is a look at the man behind the design of the Argus A – the company’s first 35mm camera. It will be on view Friday and Saturday. Additionally, the DeMara Display, photographs of the construction of Mackinac Bridge and the camera used to take the images, will be installed in time for the conference.


Saturday is another full day with presentations and the premier of recently-digitized Argus films in the morning followed by lunch and discussions with former Argus employees and members of their families. (If you know former Argus employees, or those whose parents were employed by the company, please let them know of the luncheon.) The group then heads to the privately-owned Macon Creek Mill for a tour and photo-ops. The Banquet, catered by The Movable Feast, will also be held at the mill which will include awards, the results of the photography competition and an auction to benefit the Argus Museum.

On Sunday, guests are encouraged to attend the annual Michigan Photographic Historical Society’s 41st Annual Photographica Show & Sale being held at Royal Oak’s Elks Lodge. Plenty of camera equipment, vintage photographs and postcards and other photo-related items will be for sale and deals are to be had!

The conference brings together collectors, historians, photographers from across the country and Canada as well as local community members. Please join us for any one event or for the entire conference. Registration is required for the luncheon, field trips and the banquet; registration is requested for all other events. For additional information for the conference, and other events and projects, and for volunteer opportunities, please contact the Argus Museum curator, Cheryl Chidester, at: or 734-769- 0770. You can also find out more about the conference and updates at: section=sites&content=argus_museum and on our Facebook page, 513899468693713/. Registration forms are available here


Homage to the Holga Exhibit

Some info about the Homage to the Holga show

HolgahalftoneThis plastic camera has been derided by some, but loved by many.   While very simple in operation, the camera has been an artistic tool and a reminder that the real photographic tool is between the ears. The rest is an extension, a way to put perception into a fixed silver image.  The Holga demands attention to conditions, light, and composition.  If you work within its constraints, you will be rewarded with images that stand out from the deluge of digital simulacra.

The images in this exhibit are all the end-result of using various Holga cameras.  The A3C3’s ethos has always been about “crappy” cameras, and while the Holga is no longer being manufactured, it remains the standard-bearer for crappy cameras.   Long live the Holga!

OPENS THURSDAY, OCT. 13, 2016 @ 7 pm at 525 WEST WILLIAM (ARGUS MUSEUM), Ann Arbor.  



OK, A3C3 folks. We will be holding our monthly meeting on the SECOND MONDAY,  SEPT 12, as the first Monday is Labor Day. SO SEE YOU ON 09/12/16 at 7 at THE CORNER BREWERY in Ypsilanti! DO NOT FORGET! Also, remember that your digital entries for the HOLGA exhibit are DUE SEPT. 2. See the info on

Kat, with her Fujipet on 08/01 meeting.ORWO400-002

Homage to the Holga second call

Months ago, we announced the Homage to the Holga exhibition.    As the September 2  submission deadline is a month away, here are the rules for the entries.


  1. The exhibit is open to A3C3 members. If you would like to exhibit, and are not an A3C3 member, the fee is $15.
  2. Images must have been taken with any film camera produced by the Holga brand. That includes 120, 35mm and 110 film cameras, as well as any models that use a Polaroid or Instax back.
  3. Each photographer may submit up to 6 images for the exhibit.  You will be notified within 7 days which of the images have been accepted.  Please send a jpg file of your entries to     Each file should be labeled with your last name and image number. i.e., smith_01.jpg   Image files should be no more than 1200 pixels for the longest side.
  4. The due date for digital entries is September 2.
  5. After you have been notified of which images have been accepted, you will have until October 11 to deliver your matted prints.  The exhibit will take place at the Argus Museum in Ann Arbor, MI.   Prints are not  to be framed.  We expect that most entries will be matted no larger than 14″ on any side.  White overmats are expected. We suggest printing square images to 8×8″  on a 12×12″ mat.  Rectangular prints should be no larger than 8×12″.
  6. The exhibit opens on October 13, 2016.

When you submit your images, include a text file with the following:

  1. Your name, address, and contact information.
  2. Very short (100 words or less) message about your Holga philosophy and when you started using one.
  3. Captions for the images (include year photograph was taken)
  4. The type of finished work that will be supplied– ink-jet, chromogenic, silver-gelatin, cyanotype, polaroid, etc.
  5. If the work is for sale (price) or not (NFS).


AUGUST MEETING – Join us on Monday, August 1 at the Corner Brewery in Ypsilanti. We will meet at 7pm and do a little photowalk starting at the CB. If it is sunny, may be a great time to photograph the famous water tower (aka Brick Dick) and elsewhere nearby. We will gather back at the CB about 8:30 pm and share our latest adventures, work, and camera stuff.


A few notes from from the Kalamazoo meetup.  6 folks showed up, and some new friends were quickly made!  I thank Josh Harrison for showing us around and pointing out the history behind some of the places we saw.  We had a great time shooting, chatting, eating, and enjoying the day, which was capped off by the unusual sight of people playing Pokemon Go at Bronson Park.  Josh Harrison demonstrated the Impossible I-1 camera, and it is actually quite a remarkable achievement.




A3C3-Kalamazoo Meetup

Kazoo image

Come and join us as we meet up with Joshua Harrison and his band of Kalamazoo film shooters. We’ll get to see the new Impossible Project’s I-1 camera in action, do some street photography around town, find a place for a cold brew and food, and generally immerse ourselves in photography talk. Kalamazoo is a cool place and certainly it will be a good idea to bring your Holga, toy cameras, Polaroids, and anything that uses film.

We will meet in Bronson Park which is located close to the center of downtown. Lots of photographic opportunities are in the area, and we will have time to explore the downtown. Rain or shine, we’ll be fine.


You may know Josh by his Flickr name,



June 6th Meeting

We will once again meet at the Corner Brewery in Ypsilanti on Monday, June 6 at 7 pm.  If the weather is good, let’s do a photowalk from 7:30- 8:30 and get that late afternoon sun around the clock tower and nearby places.  We will also plan for the July 10 photo meet-up in Kalamazoo with the film folks that are in Kazoo.


Taken with the FPP Debonair, plastic fantastic camera.


May 2 Meeting

The Monday, May 2 meeting of the A3C3 will once again be held at the “Corner Brewery” (Arbor Brewing Company Microbrewery, 720 Norris Street, Ypsilanti, MI). Meeting starts at 7 pm; and hopefully we will have nice weather to meet in the courtyard.  Depot Town is always a good place to photograph, and maybe we can walk over there after an initial meetup and return to “The Corner” when finished shooting.

Some images from past meetups at the Corner Brewery.


Stefan and his half-frame

Hoist a beer

Colorful and smiling

Meet-Up in Fostoria, OH

Remember, this Sunday, April 24,  is World-Wide Pinhole Day. We are gathering in Fostoria, OH @10 am for the day. There is a McDonald’s parking lot on N County Line Road (US 23) as you enter from the N, which would be a good place to start and plan our day.  You don’t need to take only pinhole photos, as this is a great opportunity for all kinds of photography. There is the Fostoria Rail Park at 499 S. Poplar St., which allows easy viewing of the trains from 3 directions. Also, the downtown area is not too big to get lost in, so anyone with a camera ought to stand out. Main St. is 3 blocks E of US-23. Dell’s BBQ is a real good eating spot.

butt hut

Dell's, Fostoria, OH


Downtown Fostoria, on the National Register of Historic Places.

April 4 2016 Meeting.

The April meeting of the A3C3 will be Monday, April 4, 7 pm, at the Corner Brewery in Ypsilanti. I will be in Berkeley, CA that week, so T Paul is in charge! Hopefully, you will have good weather and good light for some out and about shooting.  T Paul has also set up a meeting for Worldwide  Pinhole Photography Day on April 24th in Fostoria, OH.  Attend Monday’s meeting to find out more about WWPPD!
2016 Pinhole