Fun Opening for the Holga Show

Thursday, October 13 was the opening night for the Homage to the Holga exhibit at the Argus Museum.  It was also the start of the annual Argus gathering at the museums, so there were quite a few familiar faces of Argus enthusiasts that had arrived earlier that day.  Overall, it was a fun evening, but we were a bit surprised by the lack of attendance of others in the A3C3.  Maybe it was the timing, but it would have been nice to see about a dozen more people show up that night.  For those that came, thank you, and I know that you enjoyed the exhibit.  There were 8 photographers in the show: Robert Beech, Bill Bresler, Jason DeLeon, Dawn Gardner, Heather Gardner, Pam Guenzel, Mark O’Brien, and T. Paul Wrobel.   If people came expecting fuzzy images and light leaks, they would have been surprised at the quality and subject matter of the images.  Keeping true to form, I used a Holga with a potato-masher flash to take candids during the evening.

Show us your results!

Of course, film cameras are a lot of fun.  Most of us shoot with them on a regular basis. img259If you have some images that you’d like to share on our web site, send them to me, and I’ll start featuring them on the site.  Don’t make them any larger than 800 pixels on the longest side.  Include the camera used, type of film, and any other information you wish to add. We’ll start doing them weekly.

The above image is from a Debonair plastic camera. 120 film.  Taken October 2013.